Abi-Box NDS EN QP 2021 I gA+eA Text "Never Let Me Go"

KAZUO ISHIGURO Never Let Me Go Brinkmann Meyhöfer PART I · CHAPTER ONE 209 PART III · CH P ER TWENTY-TWO ‘Why did you have to prove a thing like that, Miss Emily? Did someone think we didn’t have souls?’ A thin smileappearedonher face. ‘It’s touching,Kathy, to see you so takenaback. Itdemonstrates, inaway, thatwedidour job well. As you say, why would anyone doubt you had a soul? But I have to tellyou,mydear, itwasn’t somethingcommonlyheldwhen wefirst setoutall thoseyearsago.And thoughwe’vecomea long way since then, it’s still not a notion universally held, even today. You Hailsham students, even after you’ve been out in the world like this,you stilldon’tknow thehalfof it.Allaround thecountry, at thisverymoment, thereare studentsbeing reared 10 indeplora- ble conditions 11 , conditions you Hailsham students could hardly imagine. And now we’re no more, things will only get worse.’ She paused again, and for a moment she seemed to be in- spectingus carefully throughnarrowedeyes.Finally shewenton: ‘Whatever else, we at least saw to it that all of you in our care, you grew up in wonderful surroundings. And we saw to it too, after you left us, you were kept away from the worst of those horrors. We were able to do that much for you at least. But this dream of yours, this dream of being able to defer . Such a thing wouldalwayshavebeenbeyondus togrant,evenat theheightof our influence. I’m sorry, I can see what I’m saying won’t be wel- come toyou.Butyoumustn’tbedejected 12 . Ihopeyoucanappre- ciate how much we were able to secure for you. Look at you both now! You’ve had good lives, you’re educated and cultured. I’m sorry we couldn’t secure more for you than we did, but you must realise how much worse things once were. When Marie-Claude and I started out, there were no places like Hailsham in exist- ence. We were the first, along with Glenmorgan House. Then a few years later came the Saunders Trust. Together, we became a small but very vocal 13 movement, and we challenged the entire way the donations programme was being run. Most importantly, we demonstrated to the world that if students were reared in humane 14 , cultivated environments, it was possible for them to 10 reared – raised 11 deplorable conditions – horrible conditions 12 dejected –withouthope 13 vocal–loud;influential 14 humane –benevolent; compassionate Kathy inquires why there was need for proof and Miss Emily says that Kathy’s question shows that the guardians had done their job well because the notion that clones had souls was not widely acknowledged. Miss Emily emphasises that Kathy and Tommy have no idea how bad some of the other places for students were and still are. At Hail- sham, they had grown up in wonderful surroundings and had good lives. The people in charge of Hailsham had never had the power to grant a deferral, but what they had been able to do was give the students a good life. When Madame and Miss Emily had started their mission, there were no houses like Hailsham, and the clones had existed only for their medical purpose. The activists wanted to show that students who grew up in “humane, cultivated environ- ments” would have the same emotional and intellectual abilities as regular humans. 1930 1935 1940 1945 1950 1955 1960